Sunday, 23 May 2010

Mottram Hall Wedding - Second Camera

I have a couple of friends who also shoot weddings and we call on each other, when required, to be the second camera when a couple books a two-camera package (or to pass work on to when we are already booked).

I had the pleasure of working with Alan recently for a wedding where the reception was at Mottram Hall, for an absolutely lovely couple.

It is a pleasure to shoot second camera as not being the main photographer allows you to capture moments from a different angle and the freedom to think around the obvious and capture the little "aside" moments.

If you've never thought of the benefits of having two photographers, just think how much this contributes to the overall storybook album design.

Used with Alan's permission, here are a few of my favourite contributions.

I have since had the pleasure of shooting a full wedding at Mottram Hall. To see the photos CLICK HERE.
A rather interesting twist from this wedding was that the couple were in their local pub one night, and bumped into another couple who were looking at the brochure for Mottram Hall Weddings. They also had my name on a piece of paper to ring me later. The first couple were able to recommend me and let them know the service and quality I provided, so I now have another wedding to shoot at one of the nicest wedding venues in the North West. Word-of-mouth is always the best for of advertising.

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