Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wedding photography at The Royal Toby, Rochdale

I recently spent a rather long, and enjoyable day at The Royal Toby in Rochdale, photographing the wedding of Gemma and Liam.
It was a long day because I like to tell the story of the whole day in pictures, not leave chapters of the storybook out, and I knew that there was something special happening after the first dance had finished, namely that the groom was going to sing a song specially for the bride. Not something I wanted to miss...
The day was amazing, and a good time was most definitely had by all. What more could a wedding couple ask for.


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  1. Congratulations!!!...Gemma & Liam.
    May the two of you treasure and protect the wonderful gift God have given you - each other.
    To help make your marriage a success, applying the counsel at Ec 4:12 "Threefold Cord" & Eph 5:33 "Love & Respect"...sow and be ready to reap the benefits.