Friday, 24 September 2010

Rainy Day in Manchester

I had a day off yesterday and, as is my wont, I went for a walk around Manchester, with a stop off at the Lowry for the latest photo exhibition (Mr Sixties, photo's by Phil Townsend, well worth seeing).

Here are a selection of the snaps I took on my travels.

The froth on my moccaccino:
Self-portrait reflection with the Media City development in the background.

 Trying out my new 16mm F2.8 lens:
 Just for the bokeh:
 What a lovely sight, couple very much in love:
 Saw this from the tram. Unfortunatly didn't see Wayne Rooney, if he was there.
 Cool reflection on the Hilton Hotel Manchester, spot the window cleaners.
 Art for art's sake. Amused me slightly with the brolly up so close to fountains.
 I don't know, and I didn't ask....
 One use for the free newspaper.
 And again (two of many using the free Manchester Evening News papers for this purpose).

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