Friday, 6 January 2012

Family portrait shoot for Christmas.

One of the inevitabilities of the profession I am in is the fact that people will be wanting pictures of their family to give out as Christmas presents.
This is a part of the service I offer, even when the request comes with a relatively short time to get the job finished before the wrapping up needs to be done. I understand that this time of year involves meeting customers' needs, and that may involve going the extra mile a little to get things together.
This was one such photo shoot, not that I mind in the slightest. It is always a pleasure to meet a new family and to have the privilege of providing them with pictures they can treasure for a long time to come.
I also had the pleasure of supplying an amazing product, where a mosaic of photographs are printed onto a single sheet, to offer a selection of the customer's favourite shots in a single, dynamic layout. I call it the matrix.
Here's a selection of the finished shots, together with a picture of the finished product.

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