Thursday, 22 March 2012

Charity photos in Africa.

Back in 2007 I volunteered to go to Zambia with a local missionary organisation (Missionary Ventures GB) to capture some images for them to use in their publicity and promotional materials.

The trip was particularly suited to providing a good selection of photo opportunities as it was one of the rare ones that included the full compliment of medical, construction, and missionary work.
Accommodation was in tents at one of the bases, at a place called Sinazongwe, on the northern shore of Lake Kariba.
We were very well looked after, and I had the privilege of travelling with the team to cover the various activities they had travelled out there to do.
Missionary Ventures have a policy of working with the indigenous people to ensure that everything is done in a way that will not violate or threaten the local culture in any way.
The team were involved in preaching to the locals, helping the local church to conduct services, building work for a local pastor, medical clinics (both in the field and at the camp), and the weekly orphan feeding programme.
Some of what we saw was extremely moving, especially when you meet the orphans being raised by their grand parents because their parents have died of aids.
At the end of the week the team were thanked/rewarded with a couple of days of sightseeing/tourism.
Some of the photos are still being used by MVGB and the memories of what I saw and was involved in for that few days have stayed with me, and will continue to do so.

Clinic in the field

Sunday Service

Sunday school with a difference

Inventive use of a Coca Cola bottle

Snake bite, not nice!

Sunset on the Zambesi river

Victoria falls

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