Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Yorkshire and Scotland come together - Wedding Photography

An interesting mixture, but what a lovely couple. Destined for great things, I'm sure.
The Venue Halifax played host to another great wedding reception, coming into its own as a large wedding venue capable of accommodating a good number of guests, with the island providing the ideal spot to spend some time outside, and a cracking location for the group shots and couple photos.
The venue is fantastic, the speeches were excellent, and the guests a fabulous bunch of people, just the recipe for the day to be all that Lynnie and Wayne would want it to be (and they both looked amazing too!). Here's a little flavour of how it went.
I was shooting on behalf of The Venue, to show what a wedding looks like there.

For a look at the full set, and if you would like to order copies, please CLICK HERE

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