Saturday, 30 June 2012

The day the Olympic torch came to Rochdale

Saturday 23rd June 2012. A very special day for Rochdale...
The Olympic torch came through the town and provided the opportunity for a much-needed day of excitement and togetherness for the people of the town.
With a market, record-breaking hula hoop attempt, climbing wall, classic sports cars, tug-of-war contests and other exhibitions and stalls, there was plenty to do in the build-up to 2:30pm when the torch arrived and passed in front of the famous, and beautiful, town hall.
After rain showers leading up to the torch arriving, the sun came out and shone for the important part of the day, what a blessing.
The classic car, the Rochdale Olympic:

Brought back some memories...

The Mayor was there!
The official press photographers were very busy:
The peregrine falcons were flying around the town hall tower. Here's one just taking off from the pinnacle of the Town Hall.
The police were watching over proceedings in a very professional, and friendly way.

Then the procession arrived...

Rochdale's answer to CHIPs:

Two icons in one picture:

As quick as a flash it was gone again, on to the next stop.

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