Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Rock & Roll Wedding at The Place Hotel Manchester - Photos.

I have finally managed to get round to blogging one of my favourite weddings from last year, that of Carl & Kelly at The Place Hotel, Manchester.
With a heavy metal theme, complete with skull wedding cake, skull jewellery and table decorations, instant tattoos for all the guests as table favours, and first dance to the Foofighters, it was a rather memorable day. 
Coupled with two people who were so much fun to be around, and enjoying one of the best days of their lives, with visitors from as far away as Sweden, it was such a pleasure to be a part of.
 The sensible wedding cake...

 A masterpiece of wedding hair in the making...
 The men...  It doesn't get much cooler than this...

 One of those time when you just have to trust the wedding photographer...
 He didn't need this for the courage, he was so chilled anyway...
 I'm not quite sure what was happening here, but I think it needed doing whatever it was.
 And the big reveal. One of those times when I just love a mirror in the shot.
 A penthouse apartment in Manchester is one great place to get ready to get married.
 In a lift with 11 crazy women. It was rather a bizarre, but fun situation.
 Even for a seriously rock & roll wedding, there were some very delicate and pretty components...
 The look...! Always a fantastic moment in a wedding.
 Love the colour theme.

 Totally un=posed, spontaneous, and VERY passionate kiss. Second one as a married couple.
 And I just love the setting.
 Jagermeister? Chilled? Ice sculpture skull with a Jagermeister luge. What a good way to cool it down.
 For such a hard-rocking pair, the love and tenderness was beautiful to observe. A very special couple just being themselves. How I like to shoot.
 Lots of heavy metal all over The Place!
 I'd love to know what he just said..!

 Traditional posing was NOT what they wanted.

 Urban Manchester landscape. Great for wedding photography.

 More heavy metal, just fitted the theme, and they loved it.

 A Swedish wedding game, Mr & Mrs with shoes. Interesting answers to questions.

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