Friday, 17 October 2014

Camera shake...... (Having fun while photographing a wedding)

Even when out on a serious job, the opportunity arises to have a little "play" with your camera, and allow the creative juices to flow.
On a wedding recently at The Peacock Room at The Crimble, in Rochdale, I was on my way back to the car at the end of my photography duties and the idea was hatched to open up my camera for some long exposure shots of the gazebo in the Secret Garden area.
Going through the simple zooming stages to the totally whacky spinning and swinging the camera from side to side, here are the results...

Starting from this....

Simple zooming gave rise to these results:

Swinging the camera from side to side, sometimes with a bit of curve, led to these:

And the full-on shaking, swinging and general lunacy, gave rise to these, some of which I find quite beautiful.

Hope you like them...

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