Wednesday, 13 May 2015

When Kav and Neil dropped in on an Acting on Impulse project

I have worked with Acting on Impulse for the last 6 years, and consider it a privilege to share in what they do.
Started in 2007, they work with homeless and marginalised people to give them a voice through film and theatre.
Having seen the difference that the project has made to people's lives is a revelation of what can be achieved when a vision is made a reality, through commitment, passion, love and hard work.
Please visit the Acting on Impulse WEBSITE and FACEBOOK PAGE to see more of what they do.
My role has been to provide headshots and production stills for the actors and productions. The last two days have seen me on set for their latest film, currently being shot in and around Manchester/Salford, and has included the usual fun, bizarre, heart-warming and crazy situations that I have become used to.
The people who donate their time and abilities are amazing, not least the selection of celebrities who have agreed to take part in the films too.
This year saw singer Kavana and his fiancee Neil Ely drop in for a few hours to meet the guys, and Kavana play a role  in the film itself.
I cannot give away anything about the plot at this stage, but am able to share a few photos from the day. Keep your eye on the AOI pages above for details of when the film is coming out.

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