Saturday, 11 July 2015

British Drift Championship 2015, Round 3 at Teeside Autodrome

I think this has to be my favourite from today. The way the smoke is funnelling out of the wheel arch, the colours and blur of the foreground. Most factors in making this picture were outside my control, especially the positioning of the car on the track (my position to take the photo was fixed for the instant that the car passed), and the fact that the driver was drifting in such a way as to produce that amount of smoke. Often that is how a picture is made, but our involvement, as the photographer, in setting the camera functions, anticipating the slightly unpredictable, and deciding the exact split-second at which to depress the shutter button, means that we have to, despite our level of modesty, accept the credit for the resultant image. Just part of the magic/art of what we do. That does not mean that I still am not indescribably grateful for the privilege of capturing some of the pictures that I do, often to my own amazement and sometimes surprise.

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