Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cheap Wedding Photography? - Don't be tempted.

If you want cheap wedding photography it is not too difficult to find. However, be warned.....you need to ask yourself how much the photographs of your special day actually mean to you.
How disappointed would you be if they were to fall short of your expectation or, worse still, not come out at all?
Is the person you choose experienced enough to be able to handle the lighting conditions that come up through the day, or to manage the people that you want to be in the group shots. Will they be the sort of person you want to be around you all day i.e. would you be comfortable with them there at the point where you are getting ready, or would you trust them to be discreet and unobtrusive during the ceremony/speeches.
Will they have an eye for the artistic/creative shots that make a real difference to your album, or be always watching to get the cute or special little moments that happen out of the main view of proceedings?
If you can answer all these questions, then go ahead and book them quick, before someone else does, because it sounds like you have found the perfect wedding photographer for you.
I am fully aware that it may not be me, because I know how subjective photography is. You may favour the style of one photographer over all the others, because they shoot in the way you want your day to be covered.
My style is mainly candid documentary, so as to catch people when they do not know they are being photographed as that makes for more relaxed pictures, as the majority do not actually like having their photo taken. Into the mix we have to throw in a few slightly posed sequences, e.g. group shots and couple shots, but I like to keep group shots to a minimum and, for the couple shots, just put the two of you into a selection of locations and allow you to relax and be yourselves while I take pictures.
I am also happy to be with you for as much of the day as you like, to make sure the story is told in all its fullness, right from the preparations through to the first dance, and beyond if I think there are still photos to be had.
If that is the style of wedding photos you want, i.e. relaxed, informal wedding pictures, with as little intrusion as possible, please feel free to get in touch through the numbers/email at the top of this blog, or have a look at my FACEBOOK PAGE and message me through that.
Here's a selection of pictures to illustrate what you can expect, be it from the hairdressers at 9:00am, to the first dance at 11:00pm, you will have my undivided attention to make sure we get the best wedding photos possible.

Whether you are getting married in Rochdale, Bury, Oldham, Manchester, Ashton, Bolton, Heywood, Yorkshire, Lancashire, with a venue wedding or a church wedding, I would love to have the pleasure of taking your professional wedding photographs.

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