Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Red Arrows come to Heywood Carnival 2013

It didn't last long, but we had a flypast by the Red Arrows at Heywood Carnival this afternoon. 
Due to the surrounding trees, I (and I presume others) didn't get much warning, as I couldn't see them coming, or hear them coming, and they only went past the once. I did manage to get a quick pic, just before they disappeared, over the trees at the other side.
For all it was over quickly, the fact that the Red Arrows paid a visit to Heywood is, in my opinion, a pretty significant event for the lovely town of Heywood. Well done to the organisers for making it happen.

Tags: Professional photography in Heywood and Rochdale, seeing the people of Manchester enjoying a  great day out and taking some amazing photographs.

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