Friday, 6 February 2015

Wedding shoes Ideas

I love a good design, and not least when it comes to shoes. Some of the wedding shoes I have the pleasure of photographing are absolutely amazing. It is a shame that, quite often, they are not even seen because of the long wedding dress covering them. Make sure, if you have spent a lot (or frugal little) on a pair of special shoes, you flash them at least a few times during the day so they are not wasted.
A little tip, from experience (of being at weddings, not wearing wedding shoes!)... Remember to choose a pair that will be comfortable all day, break them in around the house first, and it is not unheard of to take a change of shoes on your wedding day, should your feet need a rest. After all, you don't want your day to be spoilt with sore feet. Just one of the practicalities to keep in mind.

Feel free to look through and get ideas for your wedding shoes.
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