Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A 124-year old, hand-written book on John Wesley

It is not every day that you get asked to photograph a hand-made book from 124 years ago.
Today was that day when I got to do it.
A friend, who is involved in a project on the Wesley brothers and needed to have some pictures of a rather prized possession so he can share them with other people around the globe, approached me to produce some images.
His story, and the fascinating chain of events that has inspired him to pursue something which comes firmly in the category of dreaming big dreams, made my day and to play a very small part in the overall scheme of things was a privilege.
The meticulous hand-written text is rather beautiful, the condition for its age remarkable, and the fact that it was retrieved out of a skip made it even more amazing.
I cannot wait to see how the project pans out (I will share it when it becomes a reality).

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  1. A very interesting project. A pity that John Isherwood is not alive to give his thoughts. The Nazarene Theological College, Didsbury, have a particular interest in John Wesley - I sometime contact the Librarian, and the Principal through him, if you are interested. Best Wishes, DBW