Sunday, 24 July 2011

Target Golf in Rochdale Town Centre, part of Rochdale Feelgood Festival

I have recently joined a group of local businesses in Rochdale, called "Rochdale Rochdale Rochdale". The aims of the group are to "Promote Rochdale's Pride and Productivity".
To join the group members must either live, or work in Rochdale, and be committed to the aim stated above. We hope to highlight the quality and service of local businesses and people in Rochdale.
One of the ways we hope to do this is to get involved in local events and help to raise money for charity by offering prizes, normally relating to our businesses where appropriate, for raffles/auctions/challenges.
Our first event was on 16th July on The butts in Rochdale Town Centre, in conjunction with the Skylight Circus event, where we held a target golf competition. We will also be at the Rushbearing Festival in Harehill Park, Littleborough on the 30th July, and the Feelgood Festival in Rochdale Town Hall square on 3rd September.
Here is a selection of pictures showing the target golf in action. The golf setup was kindly provided by Jennifer Shaw Events.
Also supporting the event were:
SYSOP, Rochdale Online, Molesworths Solicitors, Hillary's BlindsThe Online Print Company, Junction 21 chauffeur driven cars, Ladies Only Gym, Dublcheck Cleaning, GSG Carpet Factory Shop.

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