Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wedding at Chadderton Town Hall - Rachel & David

One of those lovely little weddings, with just a few people there. Friendly and rather intimate. The ceremony took place in The Green Room at Chadderton Town Hall, perfectly sized for such a select group.
The request was for just the ceremony to be covered and a few groups and couple photos. Happy to oblige.
We went to Foxdenton Park for the couple shots and the weather was perfect. Bright sunlight is normally disliked by photographers for the harsh shadows it produces, but in this case it just brought out the colours brilliantly, especially that of Rachel's dress. The couple were relaxed, chilled and, above all, up for a fun day.
It was a pleasure to share part of their special day with them, albeit such a small part.
Rachel's smile just brightened the day even more than the sunshine.

Wedding photography in Oldham, at Chadderton Town Hall.

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